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Galvanized Steel Stock

Our stock range includes:

  • 25×25 to 100×100 Angle

  • 20×20 to 100×100 Box Section
  • 76×38 to 150×75 Channel
  • 25×10 to 200×12 Flat Bar
  • 12mm to 25mm Round Bar
  • We can do other sizes on request

* And any other size on request.

Earth Rods

  • 4ft x 16mm and 6ft x 20mm Earth rods, pointed & unpointed
  • Earth Clamps to suit

Clear Light Safety Bars

Clear light Safety Bars for Industrial and farm sheds.


We have a large range of stock of galvanized bolts nuts and washers in Grade 8.8 from M12 to M22. Other sizes can be sought if required.

We Stock We Source | Irish Pioneer Works Fabricators

We Source

Irish Pioneer Works can source, inspect, Re Package, Stock and deliver. We are working with a number of leading National and International Supply chain companies, and have successfully sourced and currently stock items for a number of utilities. We have the capability to source a wide variety of bespoke products and the facility to store onsite.

Inspection / Testing:

Our In-house testing lab consists of a hardness tester, Tensile strength machine and a Metal analyzer machine.

We Stock We Source | Irish Pioneer Works Fabricators