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Galvanized Steel Stock

Our stock range includes:

  • 25×25 to 100×100 Angle

  • 20×20 to 100×100 Box Section
  • 76×38 to 150×75 Channel
  • 25×10 to 200×12 Flat Bar
  • 12mm to 25mm Round Bar
  • We can do other sizes on request

* And any other size on request.

Earth Rods

  • 4ft x 16mm and 6ft x 20mm Earth rods, pointed & unpointed
  • Earth Clamps to suit

Clear Light Safety Bars

Clear light Safety Bars for Industrial and farm sheds.


We have a large range of stock of galvanized bolts nuts and washers in Grade 8.8 from M12 to M22. Other sizes can be sought if required.

We Source

Irish Pioneer Works can source, inspect, Re Package, Stock and deliver. We are working with a number of leading National and International Supply chain companies, and have successfully sourced and currently stock items for a number of utilities. We have the capability to source a wide variety of bespoke products and the facility to store onsite.

Inspection / Testing:

Our In-house testing lab consists of a hardness tester, Tensile strength machine and a Metal analyzer machine.