Hot Dip Galvanizing at Irish Pioneer Works

History and who we are

We operate out of our purpose-built facility with a galvanizing bath measuring 7.75m x 1.45m x 2.65m. We also have the ability to double dip material up to a length of 14metres. We hot dip galvanize steelwork for the Pharmaceutical, Construction, Agricultural and the Power, transmission & Distribution Sector.

We are ISO 9001 :2015 accredited and members of the British and Irish Galvanizers Association. Hot dip galvanizing to BS/IS EN ISO 1461:2022 is a condition of membership. This, along with our broad customer base and history gives present and potential customers the confidence to work with us on all galvanizing jobs big and small.

We are also ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) accredited.

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing and why choose it?

Hot dip galvanizing is the coating of chemically cleaned iron or steel with zinc by immersing it in molten liquid zinc. A standard galvanized coating can last up to 170 years plus in most Irish exterior environments. It is the most long lasting, sustainable, robust and cost-effective coating system that can be applied to steel to give a rust/corrosion free service life.

Before You Hot Dip Galvanize

Steel items for hot dip galvanizing must be grease, paint, oil and contaminate free. Also, items must be of size that fit into our process tanks and may need holes to allow molten zinc flow freely within items presented for galvanizing. Please click here

Galvanizing (Sustainability & Low Environmental Impact)

There are several ways to protect your steel, but Galvanizing is the most popular and now proven for doing minimal environmental damage according to a study by the Environmental Technology Systems Department at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
The study compared both paint coating and hot dip galvanizing for use on a steel carpark based on a life cycle assessment
The findings showed that hot dip galvanizing had a much lower environmental impact for a steel structure compared to a paint system. Long service life and freedom from maintenance, the well-known advantages of hot dip galvanizing, are the basis for the environmental benefits of the process.

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