Service Centre

IPW have a state-of-the-art service centre which incorporates an unrivalled spectrum of machinery and personnel to give added value to any work undertaken.
In all we operate six CNC machines on site and can handle the smallest flats and angles right up to the largest beams and columns.

At this facility, we have estimating, detailing, high speed processes, fabrication experience and a hot dip galvanising plant to manage your project.

With Tekla we can connect your drawings to our High output machines, which are NC to CNC compatible.

ANGLES Cutting, Punching, Drilling, Milling, Slotting, Notching & Stamping up to 250×250 Angle

CHANNEL Cutting, Punching, Drilling, Milling, Slotting, and Notching & Stamping up to 430×100

UNIVERSAL BEAM AND UNIVERSAL COLUMN Cutting, Drilling, Slotting, Milling Coping, Notching & Stamping up to 600×300

HOLLOW SECTION Cutting, drilling, Slotting, Milling & Notching up to 300 x 300

FLAT BAR Cutting, Drilling, Slotting, Milling, Notching & Stamping up to 600mm wide.

PLATE Profile up to 30mm thick on our High Definition Plasma Machine.

ROUND BAR Cutting, Pointing, Bending up to 25mm

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