We are one of Ireland's leading Hot Dip Galvanizing providers for over 20 years. A continued development and training programme with improved techniques and capital investment has enabled IPW to remain a leading supplier of Hot Dip galvanizing to a broad range of industries.

We understand the diversity in our industry and our qualified personnel (who have a wealth of experience in the Galvanizing industry) are happy to advise on all aspects of the Galvanizing process.

Our end user Customers include:

  • Pharmaceutical
    • Eli Lilly S.A.
    • Pfizer Pharmaceutical Production Corp.
    • GlaxoSmithkline
    • Roche Ireland Pharmaceuticals
    • Genzyme Ireland
  • Manufacturing
    • Boston Scientific
    • Depuy (Ireland)
    • Millipore
    • Merch Sharpe & Dohme
  • Utilities
    • ESB
    • ESB International
    • Irish Rail
    • Aer Rianta
    • Viridian
  • Other Industries
    • IPW provides services to a broad spectrum of companies operating in the construction, structural steel and agricultural industries.

Why Galvanize?

  • It lasts longer - Often exceeds 60 years.
  • It's sustainable- It's probably the most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention process.
  • Lowest lifetime cost - Galvanized structures erected in the 20's and 30's are often found rust free to this day.
  • Incredibly tough + durable - Unique metallurgical bond of metal on metal. Gives protection against knocks and bumps experienced during erection and daily use.
  • Complete coverage inside & out - Cannot be achieved with most alternative systems - advantage with hollow structures.
  • Ease of inspection - A once coat system, a flawless surface indicates a compliant coating application.
  • Sacrificial Protection - If damaged, zinc on the galvanized coating corrodes sacrificially instead of the base steel, the coating is seldom significantly compromised by damage.
  • Reliability - Specified to one standard BS EN ISO 1461, only one coating is required, the thickness level necessary is easily achieved. Other systems require several coatings, which can be difficult to inspect.
  • Speed of application - Product usually turned around in 3 days.
  • No onsite work - Work comes on site ready for erection.

Stages of the Galvanizing Process

This is a relatively simple process of immersing chemically clean, rust and oxide free steel into molten zinc (thus the name hot dip galvanizing). Once immersed in molten zinc, diffusion of zinc onto the clean steel occurs spontaneously. The zinc bonds metallurgically onto the steel, forming an iron zinc alloy layer at the inter face between the two metals. This metallurgical bonding is what gives hot dip galvanized steel its high toughness and durability.

The secret to achieving a good hot dip galvanized coating is in the pre-cleaning and preparation of the steel before immersion in the bath. It's imperative that all steel is paint, grease, solvent and rust free before immersion in molten zinc. We use a combination of Hydrochloric Acid and pre-treatment technology to remove contaminants and appropriately prepare the steel for immersion in molten zinc.

Despite the use of such advanced technology, the customer must endeavour to have all steel free of paint, grease, labels and anti-spatter (water based is ok) before delivering for Hot Dip Galvanizing.

For more information please see the Schematic drawing, of the Hot Dip Galvanizing process at IPW.


We offer an unrivalled range of Service to a broad industry base

  • Lifts up to 6.4 tonnes, lengths up to 14.3M
  • Structural steel, Agricultural, Gates, fencing, Pipes, Electrical network hardware, Marina
  • Bath Size: 7.75M x 1.45M x 2.45M
  • Company operates to the latest galvanizing standard.
  • Quality is embedded in the service, full accreditation to ISO 9001:2000
  • Member of the Galvanizers Association
The nature of our business has always been to extremely tight deadlines. This has not been a problem with IPW. They realize what our needs are and together we are able to develop a plan that fits both parties well. Even under some of the toughest deadlines the quality is unsurpassed and the attention to every detail makes the ultimate difference.
Michael Maloney
MMG Ireland

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