Fabricators Galvanizing Guide

Please open any of the following sheets containing simple must know technical information for all fabricators, intending to have their steelwork Hot Dip Galvanized.

1. Fabricators – Quality for hot dip galvanizing checklist
2. Venting and drainage
3. Surface condition
4. Welding guidelines
5. Size guidelines
6. Wet Storage stain
7. Avoiding distortion during hot dip galvanizing
8. Variations in surface colour
9. Renovation of damaged areas
10. Staining and discolouration of galvanized steel by rust
11. Zinc coatings: life in proportion to thickness
12. Toughness and abrasion resistance
13. Pretreatment of galvanized steel prior to powder coating
14. Fabricators Summary Galvanizing Guide

Note: 7 through to 13 are Galvanizers Association supplied “Galvafacts” sheets. Alternatively, visit their website on www.galvanizing.org.uk. All of these are worth reviewing, the “Avoiding distortion during hot dip galvanizing” sheet, is critical to know at the fabrication stage.